Polmet CNC from Żagań

duże metalowe elementy

POLMET CNC was founded by Engineer Bogusław Pęcak in 1989. Since 2008, the company has been led by his son, Master Engineer Andrzej Pęcak. Andrzej holds a degree in electromechanics from the Military University of Technology. He supplemented his military experience with postgraduate studies in Foreign Trade at the Warsaw School of Economics. He concluded his service in the Air Force in 2009, holding the rank of Colonel. From 2003 to 2008, he served as the representative of the Polish Government at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, overseeing the implementation of the F-16 multirole aircraft program for Poland. Our company is headquartered in Żagań, but we are eager to collaborate with clients across Europe.

What do we do at POLMET CNC?

Within our business operations, we specialize in creating components and equipment using modern metal machining methods. We have professional CNC equipment and machinery, enabling us to fully automate the production process and minimize the risk of errors. Each project is approached individually, based on technical documentation and client guidelines. We manufacture parts and equipment for various industries, including machinery, automotive, and sheet metal packaging. We continuously expand our knowledge and improve our qualifications, allowing us to provide services at the highest level. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide additional information.


Why choose our services?

If you value high-quality metal products, we invite you to take advantage of our services. With years of experience in the metal machining industry and employing highly skilled professionals, we have established a strong position in the market. The high quality of our products, professionalism in technical consulting, and the speed and punctuality of deliveries have led to significant sales growth for POLMET CNC, attracting satisfied and loyal customers. We prioritize building good relationships with our clients, consulting with them at every stage of production and proposing the best solutions. With everything necessary to fulfill these tasks, we are pleased to offer you a proposal for commercial cooperation and to pre