TIG and MAG welding

For our customers from Zielona Góra and the entire Lubuskie Voivodeship, we offer the MAG welding service. This process consists in arc joining metals in the shield of active protective gases, e.g. oxygen or carbon dioxide. It is one of the most commonly used welding methods, which is used in many industries, including: machinery and automotive. The MAG technology is mainly suitable for non-alloy, low-alloy and high-alloy steels. Thanks to its use, we can improve the welding process and reduce production costs. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our company, including steel freezing and other methods of metal processing. If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.


TIG welding

TIG welding is another metal joining technology that we use in our plant. It consists in generating an electric arc using a non-consumable tungsten electrode with the protection of an inert gas: argon or helium. For our clients from Zielona Góra and the surrounding area, we weld stainless steel, aluminum and nickel. Thanks to the implementation of the TIG technology, it is possible to obtain high quality and purity of the weld and a complete lack of welding spatter. The great advantage of the method is also the possibility of full control over the weld pool and welding of metals in all positions. This process can be fully automated and thus achieve greater precision and streamline production.