Mazak VCN 510cII

Mazak VCN 510cII is a vertical CNC machining center that we use in our company for professional metalworking. The machine is equipped with 3 axes and a table measuring 1300x550 mm. Noteworthy are also 30 tool stations, the possibility of cooling through the spindle and the maximum rotational speed of the spindle, which is 12,000 rpm. Thanks to this, the production process can be significantly improved and more metal details can be processed in less time. The Mazak company is a leader in the production of multi-tasking machine tools that can successfully replace several other machines. Parts produced with the help of this brand's equipment are distinguished by excellent quality and durability, which is why we use it in the production of details for various industries, including: automotive and machinery. We will be happy to provide you with additional information about the Mazak VCN 510CII device. Feel free to contact us.

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Additional technical parameters of the machine:

  • X axis displacement [mm] ​1050;
  • Y axis displacement [mm] ​510;
  • ​Z axis displacement [mm] ​510.