Metalworking machines

Metalworking is a process that requires the use of professional machines that allow you to fully automate the production process and thus achieve greater precision and repeatability. The equipment we have at our disposal at POLMET CNC improves efficiency, minimizes the risk of errors and increases work safety. Modern CNC machines do not require manual operation. The operator's work brings to proper programming of the equipment and the introduction of appropriate technical parameters, taking into account, among others, the type of material being processed. The production of parts takes place on the basis of a previously prepared computer project.

What machines do we use in POLMET CNC?

At POLMET CNC, we work on the best equipment, thanks to which we can achieve the highest quality of services and meet the expectations of our customers. We have Japanese MAZAK machine tools and Swiss Agie Charmilles equipment. We are constantly expanding our machine facilities and following technological novelties appearing in our industry. With the help of our machines, we can carry out comprehensive metalworking. Vacuum furnace for hardening and tempering allows heat treatment of steel. In turn, the Wire CUT EDM 30 is ideal for the erosion method. The equipment we use every day during production work has appropriate certificates and current technical inspections. We invite you to read the description of all machines equipped with POLMET CNC.




Mazak QUICK TURN 350MY CNC Lathe




Mazak VCN 510cII

mazak qtn

Mazak QTN 200IIMS

mazak qtn 150

Mazak QTN 150II

wed cut 30

Wed cut 30

piec próżniowy

Vacuum furnace for quenching and tempering