Company Andrzej Pęcak - POLMET several years engaged in the production of sleepers (waterbricks, honeycomb) to water jets (cutting machines, with or without abrasive). Normally water jets are equipped with steel sleepers used for cutting large items. Sleepers produced by our company are designed for cutting small items and large surfaces made of light materials. This allows you to cut: leather, foam upholstery, rubber, plastic.


Advantages of the sleepers of Andrzej Pęcak - POLMET:

  • delay the process of separation,
  • longer life compared with blocks of plastic, most service life is obtained without cutting the abrasive
  • distribute the water in the cleavage site, so that the effect is reduced spatter.
  • reduce consumption of sleepers major steel
  • they limit the fall cut details,
  • the cut material is not submerged in water

We sleepers:

  • good quality,
  • at attractive prices and terms
  • in size according to customer demand

The product produced is based on the innovative.