Production and Services

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We make: details / devices based on the documentation provided by the customer or the detail (so-called reverse engineering) and dies, punches, dies, heads, injection molds, closing rollers, forming frames, geared motors, instrumentation and other specialized tools. We support production and maintenance, offer production machinery maintenance services. We modernize stations and production lines.

The mechanical plant offers services in unit and serial production in the field of machining, abrasive
and erosive machining.


  • CNC turning and milling on Japanese machine tools by MAZAK® and Swiss Agie Charmilles,
  • drilling, planing, chiselling, cutting. Class components: shaft, sleeve, disc, lever, gear wheel,
  • housing and flat parts such as: plates, slats.
  • Abrasive processing:
    grinding: rollers, holes, plates;
  •  WEDM CNC: Wire Cutting.

Processed materials:

  • constructional, tool and special steels (e.g. corrosion-resistant);
  • copper alloys: bronze, brass;
  • aluminum;
  • plastics.

Other services:

  • Execution of small welded structures;
  • MIG and TIG welding;
  • In cooperation with cooperators, we offer comprehensive services, including heat and
  • thermo-chemical treatment; PVD coating
  • consulting and preparation of technical documentation.