Machining of machining

Machining is a subtractive method that involves giving metals a specific shape and size by removing excess material with specialized tools. In our Polmet plant in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, we deal with milling, grinding, planing and drilling: steel, titanium, copper alloys, aluminum and plastics. The material processing process consists of several stages, among which can be distinguished:

  • Pretreatment (removal of the top layer of the processed material);
  • Shaping (giving the object a specific shape);
  • Finishing (smoothing the material).

The exact course of the service depends on several factors, including: the type of material, the size and shape of the workpiece and the degree of processing. On this basis, we will be able to choose the right tools and program a CNC machine. In order to discuss the details of cooperation, please contact us.

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Advantages of machining

For our customers from Zielona Góra and the surrounding area, we perform machining, which is increasingly displacing by manual method. CNC machine tools significantly improve the production process and allow for greater precision and repeatability, thus minimizing the risk of errors. With their help, you can produce even the most geometrically complex parts and reduce material losses. Machine processing is a method that saves time and money and produces high-quality components that do not require additional grinding and polishing. The CNC method is fully automated, and the operator deals only with proper programming of the machine, supervising its operation and implementing possible changes. His duties also include keeping records, complying with safety protocols, checking the quality of manufactured parts and all other technical work related to the proper operation of the machine.

CNC turning

CNC turning is one of the methods of automatic machining, which we use during the production of parts for our customers from Zielona Góra and nearby towns. This technology is commonly used to process small elements in the shape of rotating solids. In our plant we use CNC lathe MAZAK, thanks to which we can achieve an excellent effect while maintaining high precision and repeatability of production. The automated turning process allows to produce a large number of parts in a relatively short time, even with the most complicated geometry. Thanks to this, it is ideal for mass production and rapid prototyping, helpful in improving the quality of manufactured items. Proper programming of the lathe allows you to obtain a product of a specific size and technical parameters. Production takes place on the basis of a previously developed computer project made using CAD software, taking into account all the details of the construction of the object. Using CNC turning, we can produce bushings, screws, shafts or press wheels of various dimensions. The lathe can be used to produce precise details and small elements.