VARIAXIS C-600 is a 5-axis vertical machining center from Mazak Smooth, which we use for precise machining of metals, including steel and non-ferrous metals. With the help of the machine, you can successfully produce parts and details weighing up to 500 kg, for various industries, including: aviation, automotive and machinery. The maximum speed of the spindle is 15,000 rpm, which directly affects the dynamics of work and significantly improves the production process. The VARIAXIS C-600 is equipped with a 600 x 500 mm table and 30 tool stations. In addition, it allows the use of cooling through the spindle at a pressure of 70 bar. Artificial intelligence solutions have been used in the machine, thanks to which the production is fully automated. The operator's work comes down to setting the appropriate technical parameters on the display and supervising the operation of the VARIAXIS C-600.

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Axle technical specification:

  • X axis displacement [mm] ​650; Y axis displacement [mm] 550
  • ​Z axis displacement [mm] ​530
  • ​B axis displacement -30 to +120̊
  • ​C axis displacement ±360̊