Heat treatment of steel

Heat treatment of steel is the process of warming up the material to a certain temperature and its gradual cooling. This method is used to change the properties and structure of metals. The action of high temperatures melts steel and allows it to be formed into any shape. In addition, it increases the durability of metals, improves their strength, magnetic properties and wear resistance. Ordinary heat treatment consists of three stages:

  • heating the steel to the right temperature,
  • cooling the metal to ambient temperature,
  • steel hardening (tempering).

As it is the same while grinding the steel, this process is carried out with the highest safety measures.

rozgrzane elementy

Freezing the steel

For our customers from Zielona Góra and the entire Lubuskie Voivodeship, we also do thel freezing process of steel, thanks to which we can obtain greater hardness and dimensional stability of the material. To achieve the best results, the zero method should be implemented immediately after quenching. Freezing technology consists in cooling the material to -180 ° C with liquid or solid coolants, holding and then heating to ambient temperature. This steel processing process is used in the production of specialized tools commonly used in various fields of industry. In order to discuss the details of cooperation, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with additional information on the method of freezing metals.