Agie Chamilles Mikron VCE800PRO-X Milling Machine

The Mikron VCE800PRO-X milling machine by Agie Chamilles is a machine that we use for professional metalworking. With its help, we can produce parts and details commonly used in the automotive, aviation or machine industries. The device has been equipped with as many as 40 tool stations and a table with dimensions of 1000x550 mm. The maximum spindle rotation speed is 16,000 rpm, which directly affects the speed of the milling machine and allows you to improve the metalworking process. The machine also allows the use of cooling through the spindle with a pressure of 18 bars. In addition, it has been equipped with a screen that allows for quick programming of the machine's operation and efficient change of parameters by a qualified operator. For information on the use of the milling machine and detailed technical specifications, please contact our production plant.



Other technical parameters:

  • X-axis displacement: 800;
  • displacement of the Y axis: 500;
  • displacement of the Z axis: 540.