Mazak QTN 150II

The Mazak QTN 150 II CNC Lathe is a machine used for professional metalworking. With its help, we can perform threading and drilling in the axis. In this way, we can replace several devices with one multi-tasking device. A reliable automatic system streamlines the production process of metal parts and details and reduces labor costs in real terms. The lathe is equipped with 8 tool stations and a 152 mm chuck. Also noteworthy is the maximum diameter of bar processing, which is 61 mm. Mazak devices are characterized by excellent precision in material processing, thanks to which they can be used in the production of parts for the medical, machine, automotive or aviation industries. Similarly to all machines at our company, the QTN 150 II CNC lathe undergoes regular technical inspections. If you have any questions about the device, we remain at your disposal.
The technical parameters of the 



Mazak QTN 150II remain:

  • displacement of the X axis [mm] 190;
  • displacement of the Z axis [mm] ​545;
  • max turning diameter [mm]​330.