Agie Charmilles CUT 30 erosion machine

Metal erosion is a process involving the induction of an electrical erosion reaction between the material and the tool. This method is most often used in the case of materials that are difficult to machine and to obtain complex shapes. Production is carried out using a professional CUT 30 EDM machine by Agie Charmilles, which is part of the equipment of our plant. The advanced mechanism and numerous functions ensure precise and efficient metal processing. By using an EDM machine, you can significantly speed up the production process and reduce running costs. Thanks to this, it is possible to produce more details in a shorter time. The arithmetic mean deviation from the mean line on the Agie Charmilles CUT 30 erosion machine is just 0.2 micrometers. The dimensions of the table are 1030x800x350, and the displacement of the U, V axes: +/- 50 mm. For detailed information on the technical parameters of the device, please contact us.



Other technical data:

  • X-axis travel: 600 mm;
  • ​Y axis displacement: 400 mm,
  • ​Z axis travel: 350 mm