EDM wiring of metals is one of the services we provide for our clients from Zielona Góra and surrounding towns in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. It is a method of electro-erosion treatment, used in the case of hard-made materials, which can be given any, even very complicated shape. This technology is implemented when CNC milling and other types of cavous machining do not bring the expected results. The process involves inducing an electroerosion reaction between the processed material and the tool. The high temperature produced in this way, reaching up to 50 thousand degrees Celsius, causes melting of the material and thus allows you to give objects any shape and dimensions, according to the customer's instructions. At POLMET CNC, we will make wire and plunge EDM for you. In order to discuss the details of cooperation and determine the date of execution of the order, please contact us.


The use of metal Wire EDM in practice

Wire EDM is a method that is used in the production of parts and equipment used in various industries. The products obtained in this way will be used in any industry where there is a demand for elements with unusual, complicated shapes. Our services were used by, among others Customers associated with the machinery, automotive, aviation, medicine and energy industries. We make electro-dashing by CNC cutting various types of metals: black and stainless steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals and aluminum alloys, from which we make: dies, punches, turbines, injection molds and casting molds. All materials that we use in our company have appropriate certificates and approvals confirming their high quality. During erosion CNC machining, we use machines that allow us to fully automate the production process and thus achieve high precision and repeatability.

Advantages of the metal the Wire EDM method

EDM wiring is a subtractive method with many advantages, thanks to which it is used in various industries. First of all, it can be used to process very hard materials, such as steel or titanium, and other electrically conductive raw materials. With its help, you can get parts with geometrically complex shapes, which would be impossible with other technologies. High cutting precision makes it possible to process small components, without the risk of damaging their structure, and is also useful when drilling precision holes, including those with a conical shape. The CNC wire EDM machining method ensures a good surface finish of the workpiece, the edges of which do not require additional grinding and polishing. This technology is used wherever traditional machining methods have proven insufficient due to limited movement and power of cutting tools. So if you want to obtain small parts of metals with a complex structure without noticeable deformations, the wire EDM method will be the best choice. For additional information, please contact us.