Mazak QTN 200IIMS

Mazak's QTN 200 MS Lathe is one of the machines used in our metalworking facility. This multi-task turning center will successfully replace other devices, thus reducing production costs and streamlining the process of manufacturing metal details. The machine is equipped with tools for milling, threading and drilling. Higher productivity is also ensured by two spindles and a fully automated production process. Using the screen, you can easily program the machine's operation and quickly change certain parameters. Mazak QTN 200 MS has as many as 12 tool stations and packages of through holders on the main spindle. The device can also be optionally equipped with an additional bar feeder. If you have any questions about the lathe, please contact our factory.

maszyna 2


Other technical parameters of Mazak QTN 200 MS:

  • X axis displacement: 230 mm;
  • displacement of the Z axis: 575 mm;
  • maximum turning diameter: 380 mm.