Vacuum furnace for quenching and tempering

In our company, we deal with heat treatment of metals, which significantly increases their strength and resistance to external factors. In order for this process to be effective and run smoothly, it is necessary to use professional equipment adapted to this purpose. During this type of work, we use a vacuum furnace for hardening and tempering with a maximum charge weight of 60 kg. The device is characterized by an efficient heating system, low energy consumption and processing speed, which has a direct impact on improving the production process. A great advantage is also the ability to adjust the temperature and adapt it to the type or thickness of the material. Our vacuum furnace uses 4.5 bar nitrogen. For more information about the machine, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all questions regarding technical parameters.

piec próżniowy


Technical specification of the vacuum furnace: up to 400mm.

  • nitrogen pressure 4.5 bar;
  • batch weight 60kg;
  • workpiece diameter